What is M-Stak?

What is M-Stak Wood ?

M-Stak wood is made from advanced-graded glued chippings subjected to high temperature and high pressure resulting in a homogenous and a finer quality wood material. It has been designed in a manner to eliminate all the drawbacks associated with traditional wood, but at same time reap its maximum benefits.

M-Stak uses 100% recyclable wood and 0% wood obtained by cutting trees. This has two effects. it restricts cutting of trees in our country and secondly lowers usage of imported pinewood. Imagine the difference you can make through M-Stak wood to your environment and your country.

M-Stak wood** has been in usage in the western world since last three decades. Almost all major Export Packaging Regulating Organisations globally like ISPM, EPAL, American Pallet Association, etc. have approved its usage. Hence, we are proud of being the pioneer company in our country to bring M-Stak wood to the Indian market.

Please find the views of ISPM and EPAL about M-Stak Wood below :

ISPM (www.ispm15.com)

M-Stak wood** is described in ISPM guidelines as Processed Wood Material.

In the Regulation of ISPM 15, 2009 guide lines on page 8,stands the explanation :

“Wood packaging made wholly of wood-based products that have been created using glue, heat and pressure or a combination thereof should be considered sufficiently processed to have eliminated the risk associated with the raw wood.

EPAL (www.epal-pallets.org)

M-Stak wood** is described in EPAL (European Pallet Association) as No-Solid Wood Material.

“The wood packing material, made wholly of wood based products are dried to a moisture content of less than 4% and moulded under pressure and heat, are no solid wood material that does not require any special handling.”

Why Should you choose M-Stak Wood ?

  • Higher Load Bearing Capacity
  • No Fungus, Termite or Borer Attack Possible
  • No Cracks, No barks or Damaged Wood Possible
  • Water resistant
  • No ISPM#15 Certification required
  • Similar Quality and best Aesthetics & Looks
  • 100% Eco friendly item
  • Longer life

Is M-Stak wood better than Pine wood/Hard wood ?

*All test results based on independent testing. Ask for more details
  • As shown in the comparison chart above, M-Stak Wood is better compound to Pine wood/Hard wood in all of the above parameters.
Parameters M-Stak wood Pine wood Hard wood
Cracks, Holes & Knots Not Found Medium Heavy
Fungus Not Possible Heavy Medium
Borer Not Possible Low High
Size variation No Change variable variable
Nail Holding Strength* Excellent Good Better
Aesthetics & Looks Excellent Better Variable
ISPM Certification Not Required Required Required
Water resistant Yes No No
Eco Friendly Yes No No