Pet Strap

Pet Strap

  • Micropak manufactures and supplies Polyester Strapping (PET Straps)

  • Our Pet straps(Polyester strapping) is tested and recommended for all well – Established packaging machines. Customers from around the world can rely on our strappinng.

  • PET Strapping ins a new range in the packaging sector and is steadily replacing Steel Strapping.



Why our Strapping is the best?

  • We use premium raw materials and additives.

  • Alternate colors and surface types (smooth or embossed treatment)

  • Very high tensile strength obtained

There are two kinds of Pet straps available

  • Plain Polyester Strap

  • Emboss Polyester Strap


PP Starap

  • Our polypropylene (pp.) strapping is tested and recommended for all well-established packaging machines.

  • PP strapping available in several variants-attractive colors, plain, printed etc.


pp strap


There are three kinds of PP straps available

  • Manual

  • Semi Automatic

  • Automatic



  • Best suitable for light to medium-duty application

  • Clear performance on all types of machines

  • Uniform surface to keep strap tight

  • Most economical plastic strapping