Euro Pallet

Features : 
1) 1200 x 800mm Free entry pallet.
2) Standardised pallet throughout the EU very popular for Export orders into the EU.
3) We offers these pallets in Three different grades.
4) The Grade One stamped Euro. This pallet is mainly used in the food industry where appearance will be of prime importance.(Primarily marked EPAL)
5) This pallet can also be specified as an unstamped (nonlicensed) Euro,which can be supplied in G1, 2 and 3. These grades tend to be defined by the carrying capacity.
6) The Grade 2 stamped Euro same as photo , however, will have a weathered appearance (although all boards and blocks will be in good condition).
7) The Grade3 is as per grade 2 but with some slight damage.

It can develope as per client requirement.

euro_1                           euro_2

Type 1                                                                    Type 2



Type 3