Four Way Pallets

Features :

1) 1200mm x 1000mm – either available with a frame or skid base. They also come either flush sided (as in photograph) or ‘winger’ style.
2) We offers these pallets in Three different grades. All pallets can be painted to your specification.
3) The Grade One heavy duty pallet. A clean once used pallet suitable for loads of up to 1.5 tonnes.
4) Grade Two comprises the same dimensions, howver the timber will not be as thick and gaps between the timber will be wider. Suitable for weights up to 1 tonne.
5) Grade Three is a lighter weight 4 way.

It can develope as per client requirement.
4_1   4_2

Type 1                                                              Type 2
4_3       4_4
Type 3                                                              Type 4

Type 5