Angle Boards

Damage caused during transport and handling is a problem for manufacturers and distributors. This is why problem for manufacturers and distributors. This is why a number of producers and packaging experts have chosen compact edge protection as a solution.

Micropack can offer a complete system to solve your packaging problems. Edgeboards, in combination with stretch foil, shrink wrap and strapping guarantee that you will find an optimal packaging solution for every product.

Economy and Cost Saving

Our packaging solution with edgeboard has following benefits:

  • Replace Expensive packaging material
  • Saves work and material
  • Strengthens your package and minimizes transport damage
  • Environment Friendly
  • Can be sent all over the world without any need of extra treatment
  • Optimize your transport space by double stacking
Short Description

Types of PAPER ANGLE board

Wrap-Around Edgeboard

The Flexible wrap-around edgeboard is easy to use for inside or outside protection.

Frame Cut Profile

Frame Cut Profiles are strong and high-quality profiles that can be cut to the required length.

Printed Edgeboard

Logos & Symbols of company can be printed according to customer requirement.

Lock Frame Edgeboard

This is special profile developed by us which allows the customer to secure a side corner with lock and open method for edgeboards.
Short Description

Use of PAPER ANGLE board

Vertical Protection

Edgeboard stabilizes the Pallets and provide protection during transport and warehousing.

Strengthening Packaging Unit

The Strength of a single package can be improved by reinforcing boxes internally with edgeboards.

Protection of Edges

Edgeboards protect and support products during all handling operations.

Self Adhesive

The use of self-adhesive edgeboard improves handling before final strapping is applied.

Stacking Strength

Choosing the right edgeboards for strengthening units will enable you to optimizing space by double stacking.

Strapping & Protection

Protecting the product against strapping damage.
Edge Board

Technical Specification

Standard Edgeboard is manufactured by laminating several layers of strong paperboard under high pressure. A variety of surfaces are available in brown, white or other color.
Standard Size
A mm B mm C mm D mm
50-6000 35 35 2-9
40 40
45 45
50 50
60 60
75 75
100 100

Strength-Test Parameters

To find the right product for your requirement, we conduct following quality tests on our edge board.

  • Compressive Strength (Bending)
  • Strapping Strength
  • Tear Resistance
  • Tensile Strength

Wrap-Around Edge Board

Micropack Edge board is made out of carton, is a 100% recyclable transport packaging product. It protects the edge of products with different shapes.

Edge protector has been designed for rolls, round tables or other round or irregular objects.

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