Wooden Pallets

Monarch Corporation is the 1st commercial licensed Holder to manufacture of wooden pallets and crates in India since 2002 and has become synonymous with Top Quality Products, Timely Delivery/Service and World-class Innovation.

We have supplied hundreds of millions of pallets to several internationally reputed MNCs and they are the proof of our outstanding customer service.

What is ISPM#15?

International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) is an international body aiming to prevent the spread and introduction of pests of plants and plant products.

The ISPM 15 standard is awarded by IPPC. It requires wood packaging to be heat treated or fumigated to kill insects or fungus prior to export.

HEAT Treatment

Heat treatment helps to eliminate the excess moisture presence with an objective of drying the wood at 56°C for minimum 30 minutes in wood core. This process is approved by 156 countries all around the globe.

  • ISPM#15 protects timber against primary decay,fungal stain and attack by certain kinds of insects
  • ISPM#15 timber is lighter and stronger
  • ISPM#15 enables substantial long-term economy of wood.
Chemical Treatment

A suitable chemical is introduced in cylinder and vacuum is created of at-least 56mm of mercury. The process "Full Cell or Bethel Process" is used for maximum absorption of the preservative.

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Treatment

The purpose of vacuum is for separating fibers Et cellulose enable preservative to penetrate in-between.

  • preservative used in the process are water base so it can easily mix with wood fiber.
  • As per guidelines of IS 401
  • Treatment helps in increasing its life from 10 to 50 years
  • Fibers of timber come more closer making timber more harder and denser
  • Helps in increasing the stability
Wooden Pallets

Available as per the requirements.

Two Way Pallets

Two Way Entry Pallet are
light in weight

Two Way Pallets

Two Way Pallet with back support are stronger & durable

Four Way Pallets

Four-way pallet can be lifted from all 4 sides by forklift or pallet jacks More strong 8 durable with wide acceptance

Euro Pallets

Made as per EPAL standards

CP Pallets

CP pallets widely known as chemical pallet with series consist of range starting from CP1 to CP9.


  • Cheaper than box
  • Light in weight
  • Air ventilation possible

Collar Pallets

  • Consist of pallets, collar sets and lid
  • It can be reused
  • Product can be easily removed

Plywood Boxes

  • Air tight safe packing
  • Light in weight
  • Preferred for air shipment
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